Bill F., Boston, MA

My snoring was a constant source of annoyance to my poor wife. Using the breathesimple sleep course she told me it stopped almost completely. I wake up less often at night. And even though I’m naturally waking up at 5:30 a.m. instead of 6:30 when the alarm goes off, I feel more rested. It’s like I’ve been gifted an extra hour a day. Thanks breathesimple, it sure beats sleeping in the guest-room!

Jack K., New York, NY

I’ve taken the program and I really enjoyed using the breathesimple analysis. I'm very pleased to learn how my breathing health was still excellent. The tutorials on how to breathe correctly were very good and useful and have definitely improved my breathing habits.

Walter F., Reading, PA

What a great and relatively simple solution to a common and widespread problem. Thanks breathesimple making this available at such a reasonable cost so everyone can benefit

Dr. Laura D

As a practising physiotherapist and researcher in airway problems, I found the inApp training videos very good. I've started referring them to people who need a bit more help with their breathing techniques!

Kirsten J., Ferguson, PA.

breathesimple definitely works. My husband suffered greatly from sleep apnea attacks, which woke me up more often than him! Its very stressful to witness your partner almost suffocate multiple times at night. Now, when he encounters a breathing irregularity while sleeping, he self-corrects without even waking. We both sleep so much better at night.