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Our patents

breathesimple is building a substantial international patent portfolio broadly covering the fields of breath training, associated systems and methods for analyzing physiological data, and detailed application areas for its proprietary technology.

Current issued patents include:

Current filed patents include

  • WO/US13/76478

  • DE112015001216.8

  • WO/US15/20386

  • WO/US15/20388

  • DE112015001766.6

  • US15/303,126

  • WO/US15/025231

  • US16/997,399

  • US 63092036

  • US 63092049

Additional patents are in preparation for filing in the US and with the PCT.

Other intellectual properties are protected as copyrights, trade secrets and trademarks.

illustration of the brain undergoing neuroplasticity to re-program breathing