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The science

When we think about breathing we think about our lungs, but it's actually our brain that controls how we breathe. Did you know your brain is constantly changing? As we go through life, new experiences, challenges and even physical injuries, can all stimulate the brain to create new neural pathways or reorganize existing ones. This re-programming of the brain is called Neuroplasticity and is key to improving your breathing.

If certain breathing exercises which combine mild self-imposed hypoxic sequences (breath holds) with interspersed relaxed breathing are repeated over time, permanent neuro-plastic changes within the automatic breathing control center in the brain occur.

The brain has learnt a new set of instructions on how to breathe, and will follow those instructions automatically.

These changes permanently enhance breathing stability while improving stimulation of the muscles that keep the upper airway clear. The result? Reduction of sleep disturbed breathing episodes such as sleep apnea and snoring.

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illustration of the brain undergoing neuroplasticity to re-program breathing
scientist looking at breathing data

Our training courses

Neuroplasticity underpins our breath training courses. Our clinically proven training encourages the brain to “reprogram” your breathing so that the improved function becomes automatic. In turn, this leads to improvements in breathing related conditions such as snoring, stress, sleep apnea and asthma.

phone reading pulse rate using the camera

Our technology

Using our patented technology, we can monitor your breathing just using your smartphone. How? Well, your smartphone camera is incredibly powerful and we use it to film the blood flow in your finger, from this we calculate your heart rate. Did you know your heart rate varies tiny amounts as you breath? So, by monitoring your heart rate we can measure how you are breathing.

two scientists discussing a personalised breath training course

Personalized training

We create you a customized breathing course to help you improve your breathing behavior. You get regular feedback to help you track your progress.