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About breathesimple

The first glint of the idea behind breathesimple came to Dr. Tony Warren when he was in the ER recovering from a mini-stroke; a result from years of sleep apnea.

He uncovered research in Australia showing that an unusual form of breath training might reduce his apnea symptoms.  After getting some guidance from the Brisbane-based researcher, six weeks later he had no more sleep apnea!

More digging uncovered a trove of little known and unconnected research on the impact of poor breathing habits on our health. Not only sleep apnea but several other chronic diseases can be helped by using personalized breathing exercises. Discussions with several experts exposed the underlying science of neuroplasticity. The challenge – how could these discoveries be delivered affordably to the millions that can benefit from improving their breathing? The solution – deliver customized breath training via smartphones using just the camera to measure progress, provide feedback along with personal instruction. Several years of intensive development work has taken the company to where it can now deliver that original dream. To get here, the very best specialized talent from around the world worked together in a virtual environment to combine their skills seamlessly to bring the results to you.  

Person reviewing the breathing data