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Snoring harms snorers and sleep partners. Is a Snoratorium necessary?

Woman holding up plans for a snore proof room

Snoring harms snorers and sleep partners. Is a Snoratorium necessary?

Dr. Anthony Warren
| 2017-11-20 | 1 min read

A recent article on, describes the latest trend in housing, the Snoratorium!

According to a recent major survey by the National Sleep Foundation, as many as 25% of married couples sleep in separate beds and 10% have separate bedrooms. The main reason - 41% of sleep mates snore.

The world of real estate has come to reflect this new reality in the form of homes boasting dual master suites with a smaller sound-proof room to deaden the dreaded night-time thunder. Apparently when Tom Cruise was married to Katie Holmes he had his own private soundproof "snoratorium."

This term may bring a smile, but snoring is no laughing matter. Evidence from research led by Dr. Beninati at the Mayo Clinic, sleep partners of snorers lose at least one hour of quality sleep every night. This deficit can lead to major long-term health problems, as well as a heightened chance of bad car and work accidents, and irritability at work and in the home. And recently, yet more evidence on how we men unwittingly mistreat our loved ones comes from this Australian study, showing that women suffer more than men from partners’ snoring.  Not surprising when twice as many men than women suffer from chronic snoring.

So snoring is a health hazard not only for the snorer but for their unfortunate partner. Time to do something about it. The spare room can be awfully lonely! And only folks like Tom Cruise can afford a dedicated Snoratorium! So why not try to cure your bad breathing habits via breath training exercises?

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