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Can Sleep Trackers improve your relationship?

People not sleeping well together

Can Sleep Trackers improve your relationship?

Dr. Anthony Warren
| 2021-08-25 | 1 min read

A recent article in the Washington Post reviewed the evidence for and against the benefits of partners sleeping separately from one another. A panel of experts concurred that partners who sleep apart may have better overall health. Furthermore, the anxiety, resentment and irritability that results from being disturbed nightly by a restless partner may be just too much to withstand and eventually lead to a tense relationship, even an eventual break-up.

According to the National Sleep Foundation as many as 25% of couples already sleep separately. Research at the Mayo Clinic found that sleep partners of snorers lose at least one hour of quality sleep every night. This deficit can lead to major long-term health problems, and irritability at work and in the home. Restless sleep by one partner is estimated to be the third most common cause of divorce in the United States.

With sleep trackers from companies such as Apple, Fitbit, Withings, Oura and others becoming widespread, you can now check whether your personal sleep quality index improves when you move to the spare bedroom. Try it for a couple of weeks to allow any benefits to show up clearly.

Going one step further. Soon you will be able to use a linked pair of sleep trackers to help in this touchy decision. Sleep data from a pair of identical trackers can be analyzed using special so-called ‘cross-correlation algorithms’ to derive a ‘sleep compatibility index’. If this index suggests that sleeping apart is recommended, then individual data can then monitor whether improvements justify the separation.

Sleep trackers can also be used to monitor improvements in certain types of sleep disturbances gained from appropriate breath training exercises.

These new functions offered by sleep trackers just might lead to a return to your nightly reunion, better health and a more harmonious partnership.

As these developments will also immediately double the market size for companies selling the trackers you can expect these new features to appear shortly.

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Is sleeping in separate beds bad for your relationship? A sleep scientist answers

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